Enduring Freedom Tribute Artist

The Enduring Freedom Foundation Tribute was created by Big Sur Artist Robert Signorella and commissioned by Gary and Emma Koeppel to commemorate the men and women who serve in the five United States Armed Services.

Signorella created the eagle with a steel armature on which he welded over 3,000 brass feathers in three sizes in on the body and six-foot wingspan of a mature American Bald Eagle. 

The brass banner held in the Eagle’s beak bears the words E Pluribus Unum, or Latin for Out of Many, One. 

The head and talons are cast in bronze as are the medallions of each armed service.  The 13 stripes on the shield mounted on the Eagle’s breast represent the original 13 colonies.

Fifty bronze stars representing the fifty states are mounted on the letters, USA, which rest on a black marble slab.  The sculpture base is made from American Oak.

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